About Helheim

Luana Salvatore

Raffaele Di Blasi

Hi! We're Luana and Raffaele, we're two italian cosplayers and cosmakers
Sinful Succulence Morgana and Twisted Fate
Sinful Succulence Morgana and Twisted Fate - 2014

We started making cosplays in 2014 using cheap materials and with almost no tools, despite of this we had lots of fun and we started to get better and better.

We made mostrly costumes from League of Legends, using cheap foam and fabrics.

In late 2016 we decided to start embracing new technologies like 3d printing to make our costumes and we decided to finally take part in cosplay competitions.

We made our first competitive cosplay: Arthas from World of Warcraft which managed to get lots of prizes at local competitions.

Arthas the Lich King
Arthas the Lich King - 2017
Adepta Sororitas
Adepta Sororitas - 2018

We learned a lot from our mistakes and we believe that you can always learn new things from everyone!

We kept on making new costumes and taking part in competitions, experimented lots of materials like Worbla, foam ande epoxy resins

In November 2018 Luana managed to win the Italian Cosplay Championship!

That's the story so far and we hope this is be just the beginning!